Community Prevention and Early Intervention (CPEI)

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The Colorado Office of Policy, Research, and Regulatory Reform is currently conducting a sunset review of CDPHE's Rural Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program. Analysis is performed to determine if the statute regarding the program is necessary and should be continued, modified, or repealed. Select the button below to provide input on this review.

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The Community Prevention and Early Intervention (CPEI) unit helps Colorado communities develop and use the tools they need to prevent substance use. We work with federal, state, and local partners such as non-profit organizations, schools, universities, families, and individuals to make substance use prevention programs better and easier to access. By learning from one another and working together, we aim to make substance use prevention efforts stronger across the state.

Why Prevention of Substance Use?

Statistics — along with equally alarming data about the use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit drugs, across all demographics and in all corners of Colorado — underlies the urgency to provide treatment for those already using substances.

Equally urgent is the need to prevent substance use in the first place so that Coloradans, particularly children and youth, have the opportunity to live healthy, substance-free lives.

Evidence shows that investing in substance use prevention has positive returns, both on the personal level and the community level. Preventing substance use and misuse will offer brighter futures for Coloradans and result in more resilient communities and a stronger economy.

Statewide Needs Assessment of Primary Prevention for Substance Abuse


About CPEI


Our mission

Using best practices in prevention science, we seek to decrease the health burden of substance use and increase the well-being of all Coloradans by influencing shared risk and protective factors on the individual, family, and community levels.


Our vision

Individuals, families, and communities working together for a healthier future.



Our values
  • Authentic collaboration
  • Community focus
  • Centering equity
  • Forward-thinking


Our purpose

Connecting, collaborating, innovating, problem-solving, building capacity, and partnering with communities for behavioral health prevention, systems change, and building healthy communities.