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Certified businesses

Each year, the Colorado Green Business Network recognizes and celebrates businesses that go above and beyond in implementing sustainability in their operations. The graphic shows the estimated resource reductions and accomplishments our businesses achieved in 2023 alone.

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Colorado Green Business Network 2023 annual metricsColorado Green Business Network 2023 annual metrics

The six 2023 Innovation Spotlight Award winners stand next to each other with their wooden awards in hand.
Two of the Alliance Center’s representatives hug and pose with their 24-Karat Gold Award trophy after winning the 2023 award.
Up close of Essencify Design’s 2023 Innovation Spotlight Award, a wooden award with the Innovation Spotlight Award logo, the year 2023, and their name.
Two representatives from Eagle River Water & Sanitation District stand with CGBN Manager, Rayna Oliker, with their framed awarded certificate for the winning the Best Tasting Water.

24-Karat Gold Award winner

24-karat gold award winners listed from 2016 to 2022



The 24k Gold Award is a voluntary, members choice competition between Gold Certified Organizations, who submit a project that best demonstrates the sustainability efforts of the organization, team, or individual they wish to recognize. The winner is decided by all our CGBN members, after reviewing applications. The winner is announced at our annual Recognition Event with the handing over of the 24k Gold Trophy.


The Alliance Center representatives accepting their 2023 award

2023 winner: The Alliance Center

In May 2021, the Alliance Center installed one of the first vehicle-to-building (V2B) electric vehicle chargers, including a publicly available carshare, in North America. A dedicated Nissan LEAF will be utilized to provide electricity to the building during times of high energy demand, such as heat waves. The project is anticipated to reduce energy consumption for the building, while serving as a carbon free service for carshare members and a research opportunity for broader market impacts.

To learn more about the project that earned them 24k Gold, read our case study.


Innovation Spotlight award winners

The Innovation Spotlight Awards give organizations the opportunity to be recognized for outstanding progress and innovation in a specific area of operations, including water, energy, waste, transportation, or community/equity.

Arapahoe libraries logo

Arapahoe Libraries - community and equity
Arapahoe Libraries became a seed library, handing out native seed packets to 2,100 patrons at three libraries. They handed out 6,335 packets this year, and intend to expand their efforts to include a dirt pickup, to collaborate with local community gardens, and provide educational programs on patio gardening, harvesting seeds, and composting.

Broadcom logo

Broadcom - energy
Steve Wolley has been with Broadcom for over 35 years, and has been an outspoken advocate for energy reduction projects, including installing more efficient pumps, installing LEDs across campus, installing EV charging units, and designing an energy efficient building. His work, passion and drive is the single reason why the Broadcom Fort Collins facility has been able to reduce its GHG emission by nearly 73% in 2022.

Corden pharma logo

Corden Pharma - waste
Corden Pharma manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for use in lifesaving medicines. The manufacturing process utilizes large quantities of solvents that typically become hazardous waste. Glenn Smith has recently led the organization to make dramatic improvements to the waste management program, allowing for over 3.3 million kg of solvents from different manufacturing steps to be recycled into a secondary market.

Essencify Design logo

Essencify Design - energy
Essencify Design's website serves as the company's primary marketing outlet. Through a transition to a clean energy host and website redesign, they achieved a 63% reduction in emissions and a 48% reduction in energy consumption for their website on average per year.

Greater Park Hill logo

Greater Park Hill Community Inc - energy
Led by Tracey MacDermott, the organization is working towards 100% electrification in their community building. After two years of site reviews, applications, and a new roof, solar panels have been added, and additional funding through the city has been confirmed to convert the building to 100% electric, which includes converting gas furnaces and water heaters.


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24-Karat Gold Award Winner: Jeff Purdy, Capco LLC
Since joining the Capco team in 2019, Jeff Purdy has been making a tremendously positive impact on Grand Junction’s Environment and Community. Under Jeff’s leadership as Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Capco has reduced 500,000 lbs of CO2 gas in a 9-month period, moved all facility lighting to LEDs, and has seen an 89% reduction in hazardous waste since 2019, through the active evaluation of all process streams, water, gas, and scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

EarthLinks: Equity
EarthLinks is a nonprofit that creates Earth-centered programming for people experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. EarthLinks provides workshops, trips into Nature, and urban gardening to community participants. Participants harvest more than 1,300 lbs of produce and craft more than 6,000 sustainable products.

Denver Water: Energy
Denver Water proudly serves high quality water and promotes its efficient use to 1.5 million people in Denver. Denver Water redeveloped their main campus, integrating LED lighting and LEED standards. They used solar to make the one building Net-Zero in energy. 1,570,000 kWh of energy saved per year.

Bear Creek Cabins: Water
Bear Creek Cabins is a family owned and operated vacation rental establishment in Evergreen, Colorado. Bear Creek Cabins Installed rainwater collection barrels and seeded drought-tolerant native grass mixes to minimize direct surface water run-off into Bear Creek during precipitation events and to completely eliminate potable water use for landscaping.

Circle Graphics: Waste
Circle Graphics is a producer of grand and large-format digital graphics, creating innovative projects for outdoor advertising, business signage, wall decor, and photography. Circle Graphics Implemented a polyethylene poster and bulletin recycling program in April 2021, resulting in the recycling of 216 tons of polyethylene since then.

Horizon Discovery: Waste
Horizon Discovery provides research services and products to support a greater understanding of the function of genes across all species. Horizon Discovery switched their cold shipped packaging to 100% recyclable, plant-based insulation panels, with an estimated 3530.4 MTCO2e saved from entering the atmosphere annually.