Active marketing campaigns to protect public and environmental health


CDPHE is committed to raising awareness of various public and environmental health topics with communities across the state so we can protect the place where we live, work, and play. The department has several active marketing campaigns designed to share important information with the public, stakeholders, and local partners. Refer to the list below to learn about the department’s marketing campaigns by topic area.


Environmental Health and Sustainability 

Front Range Waste Diversion Enterprise

This project serves to protect both public health and the environment in Colorado by supporting the Front Range Waste Diversion Board with its mission to increase waste diversion in the eligible Front Range counties identified in a 2019 law

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NextCycle Colorado provides an accelerator program for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to grow their recycling businesses and operations in Colorado while promoting sustainable and resilient economic growth in the state. 

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Medication Takeback Awareness Campaign

This project serves to protect both human health and the environment by increasing awareness of the Medication Takeback Program and educating audiences on the proper disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications. 

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Graphic: 35 prescription drug deaths every month in CO. Take Action. Visit TakeMedsSeriously.org

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management 

Poster contest winner, drawn by sixth grader, reading, "Radon "Silent Killer": Get your home tested today. Kill radon before it kills you.

Radon Action Awareness

Gov. Jared Polis has proclaimed January 2024 National Radon Action Month and encourages Coloradans to reduce their risk of radon-induced lung cancer. CDPHE strongly urges Colorado residents to test their homes for radon using a free radon test kit.

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Prevention Services 

Clear the Air (Tobacco Free CO)

This campaign educates Coloradans about the hazards associated with secondhand smoke and vape exposure. It highlights populations that are disproportionately impacted by secondhand smoke and secondhand vape exposure, including service industry employees, individuals who reside in multiunit housing, and children.

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Forward Together

Forward Together is a campaign that promotes stronger, more connected relationships between parents and teens through two complimentary campaigns for adult and youth audiences.

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Get Ahead Colorado

Get Ahead Colorado is a public information campaign encouraging tax filing from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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Let’s Talk Guns Colorado

“Let’s Talk Guns” is a statewide education and awareness campaign to help reduce gun violence and promote firearm safety across the state. The campaign is intended to increase awareness and understanding among Coloradans about state and federal laws and existing resources relating to gun violence prevention.

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Fentanyl Awareness

The fentanyl awareness and education campaign will provide information in English and Spanish to Coloradans about fentanyl, including its dangers, precautionary measures to avoid risks and prevent harm, resources for addiction treatment and services, laws regarding fentanyl, and other relevant information.

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