Protect infants from RSV

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Denver (Nov. 16, 2023) – State health officials encourage Coloradans who are pregnant to get a vaccine called Abrysvo to protect their unborn children from RSV, respiratory syncytial virus. Infants and newborns are especially at risk for severe RSV illness. While most people who get RSV will only have mild cold symptoms, it can be serious — and sometimes deadly — for babies.

“By getting this safe and effective vaccine during pregnancy, you can protect your baby from RSV even before they are born,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy. “Receiving Abysvo during the third trimester of pregnancy is critical this RSV season, as Colorado, along with the rest of the country, currently has shortage of the RSV immunization given to babies and young children.” 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a single dose of Abrysvo during weeks 32 through 36 of pregnancy from September through January. Most babies whose birthing parent received Abrysvo while pregnant will not need RSV immunization in that same RSV season.

Additionally, CDC recommends two RSV vaccines, Abryvo and Arexvy, for adults ages 60 and older. Older Coloradans should talk with their health care provider about their risk for severe RSV disease and potential benefits of vaccination, as well as if their insurance currently covers it.

Coloradans who are not at higher risk can help protect those who are by getting lifesaving seasonal vaccines for other respiratory viruses. Anyone aged 6 months and older can get an annual flu vaccine, as well as an updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine. Coloradans can find COVID-19 vaccines and flu vaccines across the state at local public health clinics, primary care offices, and many pharmacies.