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Air pollution control

Air quality and monitoring data website

Disease control and environmental epidemiology

Promotes safe and healthy workplaces
Cancer Prevention and Control
Colorado Cancer Plan tracking and prevention
Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee, health data, 2018 report summary

Emergency medical services

Direct link to our emergency care Web page
Direct link to our trauma services Web page
Information on the new online application system for EMS providers, education programs and medical directors
Update your organizational profile, apply for or manage your grant application and link to Image Trend for your EMS trip reports

Hazardous materials

Current and historic Cotter Cañon City Mill documents required by agreement with community groups

Health and environmental data

Find geographic information related to public health and environmental conditions
See our map and geographic data resource library
View standard processes to help local public health agencies meet assessment and planning requirements of the Public Health Act of 2008
Find data from many of the department's health- and environment-related programs
Query data on multiple health topics and indicators
Look for data on environmental hazards, exposures and health effects
Learn about integrated software components that produce a medical record from clinical assessments to follow-up care

Health facilities

Works to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care for consumers and providers

Planning and partnerships

Information for local public health agencies about public health improvement plans

Prevention services

A conversation around sexual health and well-being
State marijuana information website
A family civics program whose graduates develop skills to become effective leaders
Dedicated to smoking cessation
Discusses various personal health topics
Colorado WIC program site
Colorado's marijuana information portal
Suicide prevention for men
Dedicated to tobacco education and smoking cessation
Colorado's violence and injury prevention network partner collaboration site

Water quality control

Colorado's water/wastewater agency response network
Direct link to our drinking water monitoring schedule, updated weekly