Marijuana fact sheets in multiple languages

Marijuana and Your BabyOverview of marijuana-related concerns for pregnant/breastfeeding women.

Youth and Marijuana: Overview of youth marijuana use in Colorado and the health or legal consequences of use.

Tips for Parents: For families and guardians to learn more about protecting children and youth from marijuana and talking to them about marijuana.

Answers to Common Questions about Marijuana: Use this information to answer questions and help start conversations.

Retail Marijuana: Methods of Use: Overview of methods of marijuana use, effects of use and health concerns.

Retail Marijuana: Info for VisitorsOverview for tourists to our state to learn more about the laws in Colorado and tips for using responsibly.

Retail Marijuana: Laws and Responsible Use: Overview of the retail marijuana laws in Colorado and tips to stay safe and use responsibly.

Retail Marijuana: Health Effects: Overview of the research on known health effects of marijuana on adults and youth.

Tips for Youth-serving Professionals: For teachers or community organizations to learn more about organizational policies and talking with youth or parents about marijuana use.