Fiscal Agent for the Northeast Region Healthcare Coalition (HCC)

A Request for Applications (RFA) is used to award grants to promote specific program goals. An organization (in this case, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) announces that grant funding is available, and eligible organizations may apply for it. The purpose of this CDPHE RFA is to identify a Fiscal Agent for the Northeast Regional Healthcare Coalition (HCC). The HCC is a loose confederation held together by joint goals for addressing preparedness and response goals within the health and medical field. The HCC comprises jurisdictional authorities in emergency management and local public health. This includes private organizations such as hospitals, emergency medical services, long term care facilities, and behavioral health centers, as well as schools, community health centers, and a host of other health centric community resources. The HCC is working toward building four key capabilities: 1. Foundation for health care and medical readiness; 2. Health care and medical response coordination; 3. Continuity of health care service delivery; and 4. Medical surge.


UPDATE: This RFA has been awarded to:

Trailhead Institute
1999 Broadway, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202