State to revoke Clear View Behavioral Health’s license for consistent regulatory violations

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Contact: Peter Myers


REMOTE, Sept. 28: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment immediately closed Clear View Behavioral Health today, using a summary suspension, because of several regulatory violations. All patients have been relocated, and appropriate parties have been notified.


The Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division discovered the latest violations on Sept. 22 after initiating a complaint and revisit survey. The survey cited multiple deficiencies, including nursing services and infection control. 


“We are closely monitoring all healthcare facilities, especially during the pandemic,'' said Randy Kuykendall, division director, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division, CDPHE. “Patients in facilities are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection due to the ongoing nature of close contact between patients and staff, and there are important precautions that each facility should take to minimize risk.”


A key finding of the latest investigation includes a lack of infection prevention for COVID-19. Staff found that the latest deficiencies, in addition to the regulatory history of Clear View Behavioral Health, were reason to issue a summary suspension. Following the summary suspension, the state will move to revoke the license permanently.


The Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division has been closely monitoring the facility, instituting progressive disciplinary action. The facility has a history of non-compliance, including multiple investigations that resulted in Immediate Jeopardy to patient’s safety. In addition to those findings, the facility was unable to make systemic changes to resolve systemic issues and improved patient care. The facility's compliance history can be found on our Health Facilities website