Chemicals from firefighting foam and other sources

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Coloradans face an emerging public health challenge from a family of chemicals found in toxic firefighting foam and other sources. The chemicals are known scientifically as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, and have been used for decades in many consumer products and industrial processes to repel oil and water, resist heat, and reduce friction.
We are still learning about health effects from exposure to these chemicals, but studies have found serious potential impacts including pregnancy complications, developmental delays in children, and increased cholesterol. Learn more about these chemicals and the department’s actions to reduce exposure below. 

Action Plan
Read about how the state is working to protect Coloradans from risks posed by PFAS chemicals
2020 Discharge Permits Survey
Required survey of permitted dischargers regarding use and storage of certain products containing PFAS, including Class B firefighting foam
2020 Sampling Project
Public water systems now have the opportunity to show their customers their water is safe by testing for PFAS, for free!
Your Health
What you need to know about health effects from exposure to these chemicals and the EPA's health advisory for some PFAS compounds
Drinking water
Information about PFAS in drinking water, what teh state is doing to protect our drinking water, and how to treat PFAS-contaminated water at home
Colorado laws
The state legislature passed several PFAS bills since 2019
Colorado specific information
PFAS contamination in Colorado and the state’s responses to protect public health
Narrative policy work group
Documents and information related to our work with stakeholders to develop Colorado’s PFAS narrative water quality policy to protect public health from PFAS contamination
Toxic firefighting foam
Frequently asked questions and resources about PFAS-containing firefighting foam as well as the state’s triennial PFAS-containing firefighting foam survey
Resources and contacts
Printable fact sheets, documents, links, contacts, and other PFAS related information