Oil and gas community investigations


The Oil and Gas Health Information and Response Program follows up on all reports of health concerns from community members living near oil and gas operations. We start our investigations by collecting detailed information from the person reporting the health concern. The level of additional response varies.

Some concerns result in community investigations. The goal is to understand the potential public health risk by measuring chemicals that are released during oil and gas activity. During these community investigations, we sample air near an oil and gas site. The type and amount of samples we collect depend on many factors, including the severity and number of concerns. We compare the levels of chemicals from collected samples to appropriate state and federal health guideline values.

Our community investigations do not directly result in violations or fines. The data we collect can help us understand what is released during oil and gas development. This information can inform future regulations. 

Reports from ongoing and completed oil and gas health concern investigations in Colorado are available below, by county.


Oil & Gas Health Information and Response Program
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