Oil and gas community investigations


The Oil and Gas Health Information and Response (OGHIR) program follows up on all reports of health concerns from community members living near oil and gas activity. Program staff collect detailed information from the person reporting the health concern. The level of additional response varies.

Some concerns result in air monitoring. Many factors determine the type and amount of air samples collected, including the severity and number of concerns received. Program staff compare the levels of chemicals collected to appropriate health guideline values.

Community investigations do not directly result in violations or fines. The goal is to understand the potential public health risk. The program accomplishes this by measuring the air pollutants released during oil and gas activity. This information can inform future regulations.

Reports from Colorado oil and gas community investigations are available. To request a report, please email cdphe_oghealth@state.co.us.


Map of oil and gas air monitoring locations

The map shows the locations of recommended and completed oil and gas air monitoring. The purple circles indicate sites that are currently recommended for air monitoring. The blue check marks indicate sites where air monitoring has been completed.


Completed community investigations

Adams County
  • Thornton - Ivey Wellsite (Great Western) - 2021
Arapahoe County
  • Aurora - Jamaso Wellsite (Axis Exploration) - 2024
Boulder County
  • Lafayette Community - Nearby Intersection - 2020
Broomfield County
  • Broomfield - Livingston Wellsite (Extraction Oil and Gas) - 2019, 2020
Dolores and Montezuma Counties 
  • Doe Canyon, Cow Canyon and Yellow Jacket Carbon Dioxide Facilities (Kinder Morgan) - 2017
Mesa County
  • Broughton - Deer Creek Evaporative Ponds (Alanco Energy Services) - 2015
Weld County
  • Brighton - County Line Wellsite (Verdad Resources) - 2022
  • Brighton - Dittmer Wellsite (Great Western) - 2018
  • Erie - Cosslett East Wellsite (Crestone Peak Resources) - 2023-2024
  • Erie - Pratt Wellsite (Crestone Peak Resources) - 2017, 2018
  • Erie - Waste Connections Wellsite (Crestone Peak Resources) - 2017
  • Erie - Woolley-Sosa and Erie Champlin Wellsites (Encana Oil and Gas) - 2017, 2018
  • Erie Neighborhoods - Nearby Intersection - 2018
  • Firestone - Johnson Trust Wellsite (Extraction Oil and Gas) - 2016
  • Greeley - “Bella Romero” - Vetting Wellsite (Extraction Oil and Gas) - 2020
  • Greeley - Triple Creek Wellsite (Extraction Oil and Gas) - 2017
  • Longmont - Knight Wellsite (Cub Creek Energy) - 2022
  • Longmont - Rinn Valley Wellsite (Extraction Oil and Gas) - 2018, 2019
  • Platteville - Mewbourn Oil and Gas Processing Facility (DCP Midstream) and Latham Gas Plant (Kerr-McGee) - 2018, 2022


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