CCWP - What happens next?

What happens when I file a complaint against a certified operator?
  • The complaint will be reviewed to determine whether a violation of law or regulation may have occurred.
  • If the complaint indicates a probable violation, the complaint will be processed.
  • The complaint may be resolved informally by the Water Quality Control Division (division), or the division may request that the Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board (board) take formal disciplinary action against the operator.
  • The operator against whom the complaint is made will typically be provided with a copy of the complaint and the other submitted documentation.


Why would a complaint be dismissed?
  • There is no jurisdiction. This means the complaint may be outside the powers of the board, as defined by the legislature.
  • There is not enough evidence to support a violation of the law or regulation.


​If the division finds a violation has occurred, what happens next?
  • The division may proceed with informal action if the offense does not rise to the level of formal disciplinary action based on Board Guidance 16-1,Disciplinary Action Recommendation Guidance.
    • Informal action involves notifying the operator, and possibly the operator's supervisor, of the division's initial findings.
    • It may result in the operator being monitored for a period of time to ensure there is no repeat or escalation of the behavior. If there is evidence of a repeat or escalation of the behavior, the division may then request that the board take formal disciplinary action
    • Informal action is not made public and does not take away an operator's good standing.
  • ​The division may request that the board take formal disciplinary action against the operator.
    • ​The board has the authority to formally reprimand an operator, or suspend or revoke the operator's certificate.
    • Formal actions of the board are a matter of public record and will be posted on the board's web for three years.