CCWP - General requirements for Colorado certification

Entry level education requirement
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Substitution:
    • an additional 6 months of qualifying experience AND
    • completion of 1.0 training units in a course approved as a substitute for entry-level experience requirements.
    • ​approved courses can be easily found by searching the course catalog. (Simply check the second to the last box on the page and click on the "Search" button.)
​​Entry level experience requirement
  • 1 month hands-on experience obtained under the supervision of a certified operator in responsible charge.
  • Substitution:
    • ​completion of a course of study approved as substitution for the 1 month hands-on experience requirement (usually 35 or more hours)
      • approved course of study can be easily found by searching the course catalog. (Simply check the last box on the page and click on the "Search" button.)
    • OR completion of an approved apprenticeship.
Mandatory regulatory training requirement
  • Completion of a regulatory course approved to meet this requirement.
    • course must be approved for desired certificate category:
      • water/distribution, or
      • wastewater/collection.
  • A free, online version of each course is available from the Mandatory regulatory training (MRT) courses page.
  • A single course completion may be applied to multiple certificates.
    • Course must be approved for the applicable certificate categories.
  • Each completion of an approved regulatory course is valid for three (3) years.
Examination requirement
  • Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge by passing an exam with a score of 70% or better.