Minimum Required Course Content 2024 Update


The division has updated the minimum required course content for Colorado water and wastewater facility operators to reflect recent regulatory changes and clarify content for trainers. Anyone delivering Mandatory Regulatory Training (MRT) courses in Colorado must incorporate these changes into their MRT training to receive Colorado Certified Water Professionals (CCWP) MRT credit in 2024. 

As specified in the Colorado Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board (WWFOCB) Guidance 19-1: Guidance for Mandatory Regulatory Training, the Water Quality Control Division develops the required minimum content for the MRT courses based on learning objectives outlined in the same guidance. 

We seek stakeholder feedback on the changes to the minimum required course content. After the stakeholder process, the changes will be reflected in the ​minimum required course content slide deck for course providers on the WWFOCB regulation 100, policies, and guidance website.


Please send questions or comments to cdphe.commentswqcd@state.co.us.