State Revolving Fund workshops

SRF Outreach &, Education meeting, Buena Vista

SRF outreach and education meetings happen throughout the year. Check back often for one in your area or sign-up on the SRF Grants and loans mailing list
  • We partner with the Department of Local Affairs and the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority to conduct statewide workshops. The workshops covered the State Revolving Fund borrower benefits:
    • Grant opportunities.
    • Low interest rates.
    • Flexible terms.
  • NEW developments were also included:
    • Updated disadvantaged community criteria.
    • Overview of CEOS - the online project submittal portal.
    • Discharger specific variances.
  • SRF Workshop presentation - 2019.
  • SRF Workshop presentation - 2017.
  • SRF Workshop presentation - 2015.