Tools & Resources

Glossary of Equity Terms (English | Spanish)

Language is ever-evolving, especially in equity work, so it is important to be familiar with the current definitions and uses of certain terms. This document provides common language for the work to advance equity and justice for all marginalized groups.

"Sweet" Tools to Advance Equity

A suite of tools created by our office to help you apply health equity & environmental justice to planning, programs, policies, and other processes.

Data Fact Sheets and Guidance

Data fact sheets that examine inequities across racial and ethnic groups in Colorado, as well as the root causes of these health inequities across sectors, and guidance to help researchers prepare for data collection and reporting.

Statement on Structural Inequity

When it comes to reporting data on health disparities, information can easily be misinterpreted and create unintended consequences. To avoid this, the Office of Health Equity developed a statement on structural inequity.

Colorado Equity Action Guide

The Office of Health Equity, in partnership with community organizations and other state agencies created a social determinant of health data report that looks at the root causes of inequities across Colorado.
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Department Resources

Policies, handouts, and resources from across the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to help you embed equity and justice into your everyday work.