Colorado NextCycle content library


Top Quick Read Resources

  • Statewide Diversion Data -Annual solid waste diversion totals from 2007-2017. Includes residential, commercial, and industrial diversion.
  • Starting a Business FAQs - Simplified FAQs for starting a business in Colorado.
  • Alternative Funding - Non-traditional funding sources from SBDC.
  • Tax Exemption for Recyclers - How to claim tax exemption for machinery and equipment used for remanufacturing and recycling.
  • Recycle Colorado - Statewide recycling and composting trade organization. Information on recycling related policy, grants and programs (Formerly Colorado Association For Recycling).

Business Plan Development

Help with understanding the logistics of starting, owning and operating a business in Colorado. This section provides resources such as Colorado taxes, employer responsibilities, and liability insurance information.

Financial Resources

Resources for alternative or additional funding mechanisms for businesses including governmental state and local grants, lending, venture capital and other funding sources.

  • Alternative Funding - Non-traditional funding sources.
  • Recycle Colorado List of Grants - Funding grants and programs related to solid waste management.
  • Rockies Venture Club - Angel investing group dedicated to accelerating economic development and connecting investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Startup Accelerators - List of startup accelerators in Colorado that can help with early-stage companies via financing and mentorship.
  • Venture Capital - List of top 100 venture capitalists.
  • Angel Investors - List of angel investors in Colorado.
  • Sustainability Focused Venture Capital- List of sustainability focused venture capital groups in the US and Europe.
  • Closed Loop Fund - Closed Loop Partners has a fund that invests in circular supply chains across the system including for processing and manufacturing.
  • DOLA Grants - Department of Local Affairs grants for rural economic development, and community services and development.
  • EPA Grants - EPA grant programs and funding opportunities, including Small Business Innovation Research, and People, Prosperity and the Planet (for university students).
  • Employer Tax Credits/Incentives - Tax credits and incentives for employers in Colorado.
  • OEDIT Tax Incentives/Funding - Tax incentives and funding programs for start-ups and small business.


Key state, county and local diversion ordinances, regulations that promote / inhibit recycling, and Colorado’s solid waste master plan.

​Material & Diversion Data

  • Statewide Diversion Data - Annual solid waste diversion totals from 2007-2017. Includes residential, commercial, and industrial diversion.
  • Access to Recycling by County - Characterizes each Colorado county based on access to curbside recycling, drop-off only or no program.
  • State of Recycling in Colorado - 2018 report from EcoCycle summarizes Colorado’s recycling goals and compares cities / counties recycling rates.
  • Denver Recycling Report - 2016 CoPIRG Denver specific analysis of current materials management system and recommendations for Denver residents and the city.

Waste Composition Studies

  • Boulder County - 2010 Boulder County residential, ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional), and C&,D waste composition study.
  • Grand County - 2016 Grand County waste diversion study.
  • Larimer County - 2016 Larimer County residential, commercial, self-haul and C&,D waste composition study.
  • Northwest Colorado - 2018 waste composition for Eagle, Garfield, Rio Blanco, Routt and Moffat Counties.
  • Pitkin County - 2016 Pitkin County waste diversion study.
  • Pueblo County - 2017 Pueblo County residential and commercial waste composition.
  • Southwest Colorado - 2015 waste composition study for Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma, and San Juan Counties, and Southern Ute &, Ute Mountain Tribes.
  • Western Colorado – 2018 waste composition study for Mesa, Delta, Montrose, and Gunnison Counties.


Colorado’s current recycling and disposal infrastructure with maps of landfills, transfer stations, compost processors and materials recovery facilities as well as state and regional end markets.

Industry and Market Resources

Recycling/composting related trade organizations and coalitions, and recycling business information such as bale specifications, technical documents / guidelines, and highlights to recycling market reports.

​Specifications and Standards

Trade Organizations

  • AFPA - American Forest and Paper Association
  • APR - The Association for Plastic Recyclers
  • CAMA - Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association
  • Colorado SWANA - Rocky Mountain Chapter of Solid Waste Association of North America
  • CDRA - Construction and Demolition Recycling Association
  • BioCycle - Organics trade organization / publications
  • Manufacturer’s Edge - Colorado chapter of Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network
  • National Recycling Coalition (NRC) - Non-profit group focused on promotion and enhancement of recycling in the US.
  • ISRI - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
  • SMART - Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles
  • SRI - Steel Recycling Institute
  • Recycle Colorado - Recycle Colorado (formerly Colorado Association for Recycling) is a non-profited dedicated to advance recycling and composting infrastructure, end markets and state and local polices.
  • USCC - US Composting Council.