Yearly recycling projects and grants

The first set of fiscal year 2019 projects emphasize general infrastructure development for all types of waste diversion activities.If you have questions about any of the following projects, please contact:
Eric Heyboer, Program Administrator (303) 691-4955
Kendra Appelman-Eastvedt, Recycling Grants Specialist (303) 692-3641

Waste Diversion Infrastructure Development Projects

City of Cortez

Project title: Curbside Residential Recycle Truck Purchase
Award: $70,638
Geographic area: City of Cortez
A new curbside collection truck will replace the current truck, which is 26 years old. The key objective is to improve efficiency by reducing route time and making additional public recycling options available. The City’s new truck will have 17.5 yards of loose collection capacity, along with an integrated plastic compactor that will be capable of reducing plastic at a 21: 1 ratio. This truck will allow the City of Cortez recycling program to reduce time requirements on collection routes and will allow focus on program growth.

EverGreen ZeroWaste

Project title: Bear-Proof Compost Carts and Dumpsters Project
Award: $120,000
Geographic area: Pitkin County, Roaring Fork Valley
Bear-proof containers are of vital importance in rural, mountainous regions. The addition of grant funded carts and dumpsters will allow the organization to expand their regional food waste collection program to under-served rural areas, and to bring on new accounts, resulting in the need to add staff. EverGreen ZeroWaste is the official hauler and educational partner of the Pitkin County-managed SCRAPS program.

Go Green Pallet

Project title: Waste Reduction Wood Grinder Project
Award: $161,675
Geographic area: Northern Front Range
Go Green Pallet is a pallet rebuilding and recycling company that has been in business for eight years. The goal of this project is to eliminate the amount of scrap wood and unusable pallet material that is currently sent to the landfill and other disposal facilities. This project will also reduce the volume of over-the-road truck traffic required to dispose of this material. Funds will purchase a wood grinder that will turn material into wood chips that can be used for dairy cow bedding, organic material for composting operations, or oil field remediation.

The ReWall Company

Project title: Creating Construction Materials from Food and Beverage Cartons
Award: $1,545,820
Geographic Area: Statewide, Rocky Mountain Region
The ReWall Company is an award-winning manufacturing company that upcycles poly-coated cartons into healthy, high performance green building materials through a low energy, eco-friendly recycling technology. The goal of this project is to develop a ReWall manufacturing facility in the Front Range of Colorado that can serve as a hub for the Rocky Mountain region. This process will utilize local cartons to create structural fiber boards that are 100% recycled, without water, glues or chemicals. The green building materials can then be used in traditional and green building projects throughout the state creating a circular economy model for Colorado. This process combines several properties in one board: the appearance of drywall, the durability of plywood, moisture and mold resistance, flexibility, and thermal and acoustic insulation. The ReWall Company will recycle 10,000 tons of cartons per year when operating at full capacity and produce eight million square feet of structural boards. This project will increase waste diversion and bring jobs and economic growth to Colorado.

San Luis Valley Regional Solid Waste Authority

Project title: Bale Twine and Green Waste Recycling Project
Award: $39,010
Geographic area: San Luis Valley
The first phase of the project will divert waste through the collection of bale twine in the San Luis Valley six county region. Grant funding will support the purchase of a skid steer to help move, load, and unload the collected twine. The second phase will focus on diverting green waste from the landfill. This will be done by directing loads of green waste to a separate dumping area. Comingled loads will be sorted to remove the green waste, which will then be chipped and sent to a composting/soils facility for reuse.

Western State Colorado University

Project title: Rocketing Sustainability in Gunnison County
Award: $139,690
Geographic area: Gunnison County
The overall goal of this project is to demonstrate and educate students and the community about Zero Waste strategies, specifically on the Western State campus. A composting program will be implemented to boost financial viability of waste diversion in Gunnison, Colorado. Grant funds will support the purchase and installation of a mechanical composter to produce compost from food waste on campus. An educational component will also be implemented to complement the existing curriculum. Finally, a roof will be installed over the college’s loading dock area that will house the composter and provide covered storage for recycled materials prior to transport. Composting and recycling are ideal educational tools and provide research opportunities and data integration into natural and social science curriculums for undergraduate and graduate student courses. Adding a sustainable composting program to the existing waste diversion programming will close the recycling loop on campus.