RREO grant projects for fiscal year 2018

We released three Requests for Applications for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 grant cycle. The first set of projects emphasize general infrastructure development for all types of waste diversion activities. The second set of projects consisted of “mini-grants” - a simplified application process for small-scale projects that meet the goals of the RREO Grant Program. Visit the RREO Mini-Grant Project Summaries page for more information. The third offering identified waste diversion activities in a defined study area. This project will span FY2018 and FY2019.
If you have questions about any of the following projects, please contact us:
(303) 691-4955 or (303) 692-3641

Waste Diversion Infrastructure Development Projects

5280 Waste Solutions

Project title: 5280 C&,D Waste Recycling Center
Award: $250,000
Geographic area: Denver Metro
This project will provide the facilities, equipment, and community and private outreach necessary, to advance recycling of a virtually untapped waste stream of construction and demolition waste ("C&,D Waste"). Once the main facility is constructed, various spokes will be developed in the Denver Metro area utilizing a combination of contractor and developer agreements, customer and community involvement programs, and targeted outreach.

City of Pueblo

Project title: Public Recycling Drop-Off Site
Award: $289,406
Geographic area: City and County of Pueblo
This project established a conveniently located recycling drop-off site for citizens to divert conventional recyclables from residential households and small businesses. The project will benefit the City and County of Pueblo - the largest urban area in southern Colorado. It is anticipated that this project will result in more than 3,000 tons of material diverted from local landfills over the next five years. When complete, the site will contain a staffed gate house, 30-yard roll-off receptacles for recyclables, concrete pads, cardboard compactor, glass crusher, security cameras and lighting.

Clean Valley Recycling

Project title: Tri-County Rural Recycling Enhancement
Award: $56,700
Geographic area: Lower Arkansas Valley
Clean Valley Recycling improved the collection efficiency of cardboard by placing more passive collection bins in spoke communities and at businesses in the Lower Arkansas Valley. Additionally, material handling and facility access was improved with the purchase of a skid steer. These efficiencies allow more rural residents to recycle and divert more cardboard and other materials from Colorado landfills.

Discover Goodwill

Project title: Western Slope Hub and Spoke Expansion Project
Award: $196,000
Geographic area: El Paso, Fremont, Mesa, Teller and Pueblo Counties
This project supported improvements to transportation infrastructure and extended operations to create eight new spokes. Additionally, increased recycling support was provided to three existing spokes. Grant funds were used to purchase a semi-tractor, two trailers and additional hub retrofits.


Project title: FoodMaven Site Expansion
Award: $383,000
Geographic area: Denver Metro, Colorado Springs
Based in Colorado Springs, FoodMaven presents a triple-bottom-line solution to widespread food waste and is the first organization of its kind dedicated to rescuing the large amount of food that ends up in landfills. FoodMaven aims to capture, then sell or donate, quality landfill-bound surplus food in Colorado. Grant funds were used to retrofit the food redistribution hub in Colorado Springs, including the purchase of refrigerators, freezers and delivery trucks.

Howard Disposal and Recycling

Project title: Increase Efficiency and Infrastructure for Recycling in the Region
Award: $248,757
Geographic area: Fremont County
The goal of this project was to increase recycling services throughout the Fremont County region by upgrading an existing material recovery/recycling facility (MRF). Grant funds were used to purchase a polishing screen to support a dedicated fiber line. Two full time positions were created with the addition of this equipment, and the capacity for collections was increased.

PCs for People

Project title: Capacity Expansion - Transportation and Warehouse
Award: $80,484
Geographic area: Denver Metro
This grant project dramatically increased the electronic recycling capacity to source and refurbish, by adding transportation capability and tripling storage infrastructure. A second objective is to raise awareness of PCs for People’s services, and increase interest in refurbishing as an option for equipment being disposed. This project created three permanent full-time positions. The resulting re-used computers make a dramatic difference in the lives of the recipients, many of whom have never owned a computer before.

Spring Back Colorado

Project title: Building Mattress Recycling Capacity through a Colorado Springs Hub-and-Spoke Network
Award: $298,310
Geographic area: Central and Southern Colorado
This grant supports the implementation of a Hub-and-Spoke operation based in Colorado Springs to introduce and grow mattress recycling and redemptive employment capacity in Southern and Central Colorado. Funds were used for the acquisition of infrastructure and equipment needed to meet the following objectives: Implementing new spoke locations, increasing total tons of waste materials diverted, reducing the number of mattresses in Colorado landfills, and creating jobs for people facing barriers to employment.

Town of Fraser

Project title: Fraser Recycling and Tash Drop Off Facility
Award: $193,855
Geographic area: Town of Fraser
A 2016 RREO regional study confirmed the need for a combination drop site in Fraser that would provide pay-as-you-throw trash collection and free recycling. This grant allows the town to construct the combination drop site – a site that also serves as a model to rural communities. The grant funded construction of the drop site and security building, security cameras and lighting, as well as development of signage and public outreach materials.

Regional Study Project

Mesa County Solid Waste Management

Project title: Western Slope Waste Study
Award: $86,864
Geographic area: Western Slope
The goal of this study is to develop a path to increased waste diversion on the Western Slope. Mesa County estimates that sixty-five percent of materials currently being landfilled could be diverted. This study will also serve to measure the existing diversion rate in the area, which is currently unknown.