Recycling grants and rebates marketing toolkit



Marketing toolkit for RREO grantees

Promoting your success after securing a grant is an important element of the program. Enhanced awareness can build momentum, helping to expand local recycling programs and grow the state’s economy. Therefore, you are encouraged to do one or more of the following as part of your award:
  1. Publicize your project to the media.
  2. Acknowledge the grant in promotional materials.
  3. Engage in social media.


To help you promote your RREO project, we have created this RREO Marketing Toolkit. It includes easy-to-use templates and step-by-step advice that will help increase awareness of your project.

We appreciate your hard work and all that you’re doing for Colorado!

Tools to help you promote your grant

Note: some of these documents are in Microsoft® Word™ format. Please contact the program if you're unable to use them.


Using our logos and brand

The RREO program must approve all uses of CDPHE logos in your marketing materials.



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