PPABAC members

Photo of Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman
Emily Freeman is a Senior Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Boulder. She focuses on implementing policies and ordinances with the public to further the city’s zero-waste efforts, particularly around construction and demolition (C&D) debris. Emily is an experienced public and private sector sustainability professional adept at developing sustainability roadmaps, waste audits, managing environmental management systems, and recycling program management. She holds an M.S. in Sustainability from Arizona State University.
Corey McCool

Corey McCool
Corey McCool is a veteran of the US Air Force, a husband and father of two, and the owner/operator of Purple Bucket Compost. After nearly two decades of supporting military missions, both as an active-duty airman and a civilian contractor, Corey launched a mission of his own. Purple Bucket Compost offers food scrap collection services to residents in the foothills west of Denver. Collected materials are composted and returned to customers the following season. Excess compost is donated to community organizations and gardens in order to continually educate and give back. Corey holds an AAS from the Community College of the Air Force, a BS from Nova Southeastern University, and an MBA from Marylhurst University.
Photo of Winn Cowman

Winn Cowman
Winn Cowman is the Waste Diversion Director for the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council. In that role, which she began in April 2021, she launched the community's first ever recycling facility, the Yampa Valley Recycles Depot. Prior to working for YVSC, Winn worked eight years as a Senior Environmental Scientist at Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) where she assisted mostly rural Colorado local governments and waste campuses with management of their materials, with an emphasis on reduction, reuse, and recycling. While at SMA, Winn performed several regional waste diversion studies encompassing thirteen Colorado counties and two non-profits. She helped clients determine beneficial uses for special wastes, such as biochar. Winn holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.
Jace Driver

Jace Driver
Jace Driver is a Waste Diversion Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and has ten years of experience in solid waste management. He is responsible for the registration and oversight of municipal solid waste recycling facilities, as well as the data collection and reporting for all waste diversion in the state. Additionally, he is the compost lead for the state, and provides guidance for prospective composters. Jace graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in Environmental Science. In his free time, Jace enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, reading, and watching hockey. Go Avs!
Photo of James Gaspard

James Gaspard
James Gaspard's career in start-ups, mid-size, and Fortune 1000 companies gives him a unique perspective on all aspects of a company's life-cycle from birth through growth and harvest. His career has been highlighted to date by his negotiating talent and his ability to close larger-dollar volumes of transactions in several diverse industries. James is currently the CEO of Biochar Now LLC, a market-leading producer of high-quality carbon. James received his Bachelor’s degree with High Honors from East Texas State University in 1991 and his JD/MBA with Honors from The University of Texas in 1996.
Laura Levesque

Laura Levesque
Laura is a Project Lead at Eco-Cycle and serves on TASP (a Technical Assistance Service Provider program for Front Range communities) to establish and optimize recycling, composting and waste reduction programs. Laura spearheaded the Front Range and Greater Colorado Waste Diversion Baseline Studies through interviewing cities, towns, and counties across Colorado to understand each community’s unique circumstances and opportunities to advance waste diversion. Laura previously worked at Recycle Colorado as their Programs Director, and served as Chair on her hometown’s Sustainability Advisory Board.
Photo of Amy Randell

Amy Randell
Amy is the Chief Administrative Officer of Circular Colorado. Previously, she worked for Recycle Colorado, the statewide non-profit organization that works on projects and policy related to infrastructure and end markets for material recovery, reuse, and manufacturing. As an employee of Recycle Colorado for more than 15 years, Amy was present when the legislation establishing the RREO program was signed into law. Her experience with operating Boards and regional programs adds to her recycling industry experience. Amy has a Bachelor's degree in Rangeland Ecology from Colorado State University.

Alyssia Richardson

Alyssia Richardson
As a lifelong advocate for environmental protection, Alyssia Richardson has championed many initiatives that encourage pollution prevention, lifestyle regeneration, and regenerative agriculture. In 2019 she officially opened a composting and sustainability center, Princess Gardens Composting Center. Through her business, her mission is to educate the community on how to live a life that is harmonious with nature and as waste-less as possible. She is honored to sit on the Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Assistance Committee and to contribute to its efforts for years to come.

Photo of Jennifer Richardson

Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer Richardson is the Solid Waste and Sustainability Division Director for Mesa County. She is responsible for the management and leadership of Mesa County complex solid waste management system, including strategic planning, development, and implementation of existing and new programs at the Solid Waste Management campus. She enjoys educating the community on proper solid waste disposal and waste diversion. She prides herself on being a community resource and values collaborating with diverse public and private partners. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Mesa State College. She is a certified Wetland Scientist, Stormwater Management Supervisor, Integrated Solid Waste Manager, and Manager of Landfill Operations. Jennifer is excited to bring her perspective and expertise to the PPAB assistance committee. She understands that the decisions made by the PPAB potentially affect the environmental health and welfare of Colorado.
Photo of Bill Schenk

Bill Schenk
Bill has served as Summit County’s recycling foreman since 2013, overseeing the community’s recycling centers and material recovery facility. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Bill is passionate about protecting our environment and preserving natural resources through waste diversion. His previous work experience includes environmental health and civil engineering drafting. Bill graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Environmental Science and is a certified manager of landfill operations (MOLO). He enjoys telemark skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.
Jackie VanEyll

Jackie VanEyll
Jackie VanEyll is the Permit Technician and head of the Green Team for the Town of Eagle. After graduating from Colorado Mountain College with her BA in Sustainability Studies, her goal was to work in government to make positive change for people and the environment. Always having a love for mountains, Jackie is passionate about zero waste to maintain the beauty and longevity of the flora and fauna for generations to come. She was the only group leader of the 2022 Highway Cleanup in the Vail Valley to separate trash from recyclables, knowing that a seemingly small step could lead to big impacts. Jackie has also brought in composting to Town Hall and Public Works, as well as updated recycling labels throughout the town to match neighboring towns with thoughts of uniting with standardized labels. She has big dreams for the future and looks forward to educating and helping others to have a high quality of life while conserving the planet for the betterment of the future.