Spiritual Communities Suicide Prevention: After a Loss

These are resources for spiritual communities following a death by suicide or a suicide attempt. In public health, supports and resources offered at this time are known as “postvention.” (The Office of Suicide Prevention has identified additional resources for support following a suicide attempt here, and for support following a suicide loss here).

General Postvention Resources

Christian Postvention Resources
  • Soul Shop 

    • www.soulshopmovement.org/

    • Workshop for faith leaders in counseling for those impacted by a death by suicide and survivors of suicide attempt

Islamic Postvention Resources
  • Maristan
    • maristan.org/muslimsuicideresponse

    • The Muslim Community Suicide Response Manual: offers comprehensive community grief suggested services, programs, and communication strategies for suicide loss, including suicide announcement suggestions, suicide khutbah suggestions, and community leader trainings

    • Also includes the 500 Imams project, which is looking to train 500 Imams in the US in suicide prevention and suicide care by 2022.