Spiritual Communities Suicide Prevention: During a Crisis

These are resources to help support someone who is experiencing suicidal despair and/or contemplating suicide. In public health, resources and programs that assist someone at this time are known as “intervention.”

General Intervention Resources

Christian Intervention Resources
  • Soul Shop 

  • St. Raphael Counseling (Roman Catholic)

Islamic Intervention Resources
  • Khalil Center

    • khalilcenter.com/

    • Psychological and mental wellness center whose psychological practices are rooted within Islamic theology

  • Maristan

    • maristan.org/muslimsuicideresponse

    • The Muslim Community Suicide Response Manual: offers comprehensive community leader trainings in addressing suicidal thoughts and suicidal crisis from an Islamic perspective

    • Also includes a resource bank of Muslim Mental Health Services in the US

    • Also includes the 500 Imams project, which is looking to train 500 Imams in the US in suicide prevention and suicide care by 2022.

Jewish Intervention Resources
  • Beit Teshuva (Jewish Substance Misuse and Compulsive Behaviors help)


    • HereNow is a teen-led community for teens to connect with other teens to learn about mental health and wellness, share their experiences and stories, and access resources about mental health. The HereNow App is available on Google Play and the App Store. HereNow is a project of The Jewish Board and made possible with the support of UJA-Federation of New York.

  • Local Jewish Social Services Agency

    • Some Jewish communities have a local Jewish social service agency (i.e. Jewish Family Services or Jewish Family and Children’s Services) which may offer mental health services. Contact your local agency for more information.

    • Although “Jewish” is in the name, these services are provided for people of any faith tradition (or no faith tradition)

    • Jewish Family Service: www.jewishfamilyservice.org

  • Local Jewish Federation

    • Your local Jewish Federation may know about Jewish mental health services in your area. Find your local federation.

  • Refuat Hanefesh

    • www.refuathanefesh.org

    • The mission of Refuat Hanefesh is to create a Jewish community that is more aware, respectful, and empathetic to people living with mental illness. Refuat Hanefesh offers a variety of webpages, blog posts, and other resources.

  • Additional Local Jewish Mental Health Resources