Moving the Mark on Tobacco Disparities boot camp

Colorado smoking prevalence is declining statewide, but substantial disparities exist in certain populations. In Spring 2014, STEPP and 40 partners completed a coordinated literature review of 170 interventions to rate evidence-based strategies to address this health equity issue.The Moving the Mark project included the following and will continue to guide us toward our 2020 Strategic Plan goals. Read more about the project.

Setting the stage for boot camp:

Sector reports

Evidence-based interventions, including strategy, rating and notes from the review.

Summaries of evidence

These reports include the author, literature type, applicable strategies and rating score.

Literature library

Each tab on this spreadsheet represents a different population.

Tobacco Boot Camp Data Summaries by Population

Data by unique populations

Next Steps

The University of Colorado’s Community Epidemiology and Program Evaluation Group (CEPEG) continues to do further inquiry into the existing literature and will be conducting key informant interviews with others working on the same issues or populations in Fiscal Year 14-15. You can view a preliminary report on a brief scan on smoking cessation interventions for low-SES populations. View follow up from 2017's Moving the Mark, 2.0.

Special thanks

Moving the Mark on Tobacco was a truly collaborative process, including experts in a variety of professions from across the state. We would like to recognize their work, and thank them for their commitment to reducing tobacco use and initiation in Colorado.