Sexual violence prevention grantees

Current grant-funded agencies

The primary components of the Sexual Violence Prevention Program are:

  • Grant funding to community-based programs that work to prevent sexual violence.

  • Data collection and program evaluation in nine communities across the state.

  • Engaging communities to change unhealthy norms, policies and practices that sanction sexual violence and enhance positive norms, policies, and practices that address root causes of sexual violence.

  • Collaborating with other violence prevention fields for a shared risk and protective factor approach.

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As a requirement of the SVP Program request for application, each applicant had to identify policy work they would engage in with their community. Applicants could select to support the implementation of one of two passed bills: Colorado’s Healthy Youth Act (HB07-1292) or the Bullying Prevention Act (HB11-1254). In Colorado, comprehensive health education is optional. Colorado’s Healthy Youth Act (HB07-1292) requires that wherever offered, sexuality education must be science-based, age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, medically accurate, and address the topics of abstinence and contraception. A focus of interest to the SVP Program in the bill is the requirement to use a curriculum that develop skills around healthy sexuality, bullying, substance use and parental engagement. The Bullying Prevention Act (HB11-1254) defines bullying and prohibits bullying against any student for any reason, including but not limited to any such behavior that is directed toward a student on the basis of his or her academic performance or against whom federal and state laws prohibit discrimination.

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