MCH local priority implementation and resources

Colorado’s MCH program supports state and local public health efforts, working closely with other state and community partners to increase community and family resilience. For the 2021-2025 funding cycle, the program has identified seven priorities and developed corresponding logic models and action plans for each one. Additionally, the program has anchored its plans in racial equity, community inclusion and upstream approaches using the BARHII Framework.  

This process follows the evidenced-based public health framework of identifying unmet needs, setting objectives, selecting effective interventions, and implementing and evaluating programs and policies. The state and local action plans include evidenced-based strategies aimed at improving key health outcomes for the maternal and child health population in Colorado.

Local priority implementation
  • local logic models and action plans
LPHA Resources:
MCH Guidelines 2021-2026 (for agencies contracting with the Prevention Services Division)
  • action plans and planning
  • budgets and budget revisions
  • invoicing
  • MCH reporting and deadlines  
  • progress check ins
  • contractor performance evaluations
MCH Guidelines 2023-2027 (for agencies contracting with the Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, and Local Partnerships)


MCH Funding Map 
MCH Implementation Waves Visual
MCH FY23 planning tools (view only access)
MCH Materials for Downloading
  • MCH Framework
  • priority icons and overviews
  • strategic anchors overviews
MCH 101
MCH archived newsletters, meeting presentations, and trainings
  • MCH digest archive
  • LPHA partnership call presentations
  • contracting guidance presentations
  • other training
MCH contracting
MCH data
  • priority data briefs
  • Colorado health and environment data system
  • trend analysis
MCH state priority implementation
  • State logic models and action plans