Violence and injury prevention recognition

Apply to be recognized as a VIP Program of Excellence

We\'re looking to highlight sustainable and evidence-based programs being implemented around the state. Programs of Excellence will demonstrate the following:

  • Strong programmatic infrastructure.

  • Data-driven VIP programs or policies.

  • Partnerships and coalition participation.

  • Effective communication.

  • Evidence-based programs or policies.

  • Strong program evaluation efforts.

Colorado VIP Programs of Excellence

Register to become a VIP Advocate

The VIP Winnable Battle Advocate status will recognize the individuals who are passionate about preventing injury and violence within Colorado and improving their skills to implement effective programs and systems changes. VIP Advocates are those individuals who work directly in the field and commit to pursuing professional development opportunities to improve the implementation and outcomes of their VIP work.

Colorado VIP Advocates

Vicky Cassabaum

Tracey Holmberg

Nominate a VIP Champion

This award will acknowledge the exemplary contributions of individuals, legislators, funders or business leaders across the state who may not typically be seen as VIP professionals yet have made significant efforts to prevent injuries or violence in Colorado. Her or his contributions will help Colorado achieve the winnable-battle goals: reductions in motor vehicle crashes, older adult falls, prescription drug misuse, child maltreatment and suicides.

Training resources

Online training courses for partners and stakeholders to increase their knowledge of evidence-based injury prevention programming.

About the recognition program

In 2011, we named injury prevention one of our 10 Winnable Battles. The Injury Prevention Winnable Battle initiative will be promoted to mobilize a statewide network of violence and injury prevention professionals who are actively engaged in implementing evidence-based prevention strategies.

The Injury Prevention Winnable Battle Team is in the process of enlisting, equipping and engaging VIP Advocates and Programs of Excellence in all 64 Colorado counties to implement effective policies and practices that impact the five priority injury areas by April 2016, including motor vehicle, older adult falls, suicide, prescription drug overdose and child maltreatment.