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HCP care coordination

HCP care coordination equips families with the skills and knowledge needed to coordinate and advocate for their child's health care needs. Care coordination is a person-and-family-centered team approach designed to meet the needs of individuals. Care coordinators are trained to work with families to address their behavioral, developmental, educational, financial, medical or social needs.

HCP helps families find:

  • screenings
  • health care (including primary and specialty care)
  • community supports &, services
  • financial resources andhelp with insurance
  • family support groups
  • transition services for youth moving into adulthood
  • answers to questions

The HCP Care Coordinator and family will work as a team to:

  • advocate for the child
  • identify and prioritize needs
  • develop a plan to achieve goals

Each HCP Care Coordinator provides in-depth, one-on-one assistance. HCP staff also team up with community partners to increase and strengthen supports for families.