PFAS Narrative Policy Work Group

The department is committed to ensuring it is doing everything possible to protect human health and the environment from PFAS contamination which is why the department proposed a PFAS Narrative Policy to the Water Quality Commission in July 2020. 
Recognizing that it takes a long time to develop a numerical surface water and groundwater standard for PFAS chemicals, especially as the science is rapidly evolving, the department is instead going to implement existing narrative provisions in Regulations 31 and 41 to protect public health. These narrative provisions are a regulatory approach for limiting PFAS chemicals that enter our surface and/or groundwater. The PFAS narrative policy describes how the department will implement the narrative provisions and the purpose. 
PFAS chemicals, scientifically referred to as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, from firefighting foam, personal products, and other sources can get into water, especially groundwater, and contaminate drinking water supplies. These chemicals have created an emerging, urgent public health challenge requiring enhanced action to avoid future contamination and ensure safe drinking water for all Coloradans.
PFAS Narrative Policy and Related Documents 


Work Group Meetings and Materials 

Before proposing the policy to the Water Quality Control commission, the division hosted three stakeholder meetings to get feedback on the policy. All materials can be found on the Narrative Policy Work Group meeting materials files. 


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