Newborn blood spot screening provider responsibilities

Responsibilities of entities involved in the newborn blood spot screening process are:
Newborn blood spot screening laboratory:
  • Providing specimen collection blood spot cards to all hospitals and home-delivery health care providers to ensure that each Colorado newborn has had access to screening
  • Providing laboratory specimen processing to ensure that all newborn screens collected in the state of Colorado are tested for the disorders mandated by CRS 25-4-801 through 25-4-804 and CRS 25-4-1001 through 25-4-1006, CRS 25-4-1004.7.
  • Assuring time-sensitive collection of specimens and providing timely testing
  • Ensuring that newborn screening costs are documented and within parameters of a budget

Newborn blood spot screening reporting:

  • Reporting all newborn screening laboratory results to hospitals and/or home-delivery health care providers who collect blood spot specimen
  • Reporting abnormal newborn screening laboratory results to either newborn’s primary care provider or sub-specialists providing consultation per Colorado Newborn Screen contracts.
  • Providing copies of resources outlining national, evidence-based resources to guide appropriate follow-up actions by primary care providers and sub-specialists
  • Collecting and analyzing data on newborn screening processing and reporting to ensure timelines are consistently met. Ensuring that newborn screening costs are documented and within parameters of budget
  • Evaluating sensitivity and specificity of newborn screening testing, maintaining consistent processing, and incorporating quality improvement when/where necessary
Primary health care provider and facility responsibilities for newborn blood spot screening:
  • Ensuring that newborn screening occurs and that results are known.
  • Serving as the point -of-care between the NBS Program and the affected newborn and family
  • Provide on-going testing, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Communicating the results in a knowledgeable and sensitive fashion to the families