Mako Medical Testing

Mako Medical Laboratories is pleased to be partnering with the State of Colorado to assist with all your lab related needs for COVID-19 testing. You should have already been contacted by email with important instructions for resuming surveillance testing at your facility. Please contact the Residential Care Strike Team immediately if you have not been paired with a laboratory for testing.

  • IMPORTANT: If you have not yet informed Mako of your preferred testing pickup days, please fill out this form immediately: Testing Pickup Day Form
    • You will not be able to begin testing until this information has been provided.
  • If your facility has not received any correspondence regarding your new lab due to a recent change of testing point of contact, please fill out this form: Person of Contact/Email Change Request Form
  • In the event of an outbreak, please submit the facility outbreak form.

Mako Informational Webinars:
  • February 5, 2021 - 10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
    Recording (.mp4)

Mako Points of Contact:

Onboarding Instructions:

Mako Tutorials:

Mako Portal Account Access:
  • All accounts have been created and login information has been sent to the current Point of Contact’s email
  • Login at:
  • If an additional person/email address needs access to your facility’s account, send an email to with the following information:
    • Your facility name and ID(s)
    • New email address

How to Access Results:
For ease of accessing results, we have provided the following options: 


a.       If you would like a daily spreadsheet of facility results please complete the following:

(1)    Email

(a)    Email addresses you would like it to go to

(b)   Mako Account Number associated (ie. 17644)

(c)    Specify, the time of day you would like the result report (9:00am MST)



     SUBJ: Daily Spreadsheet



b.       For direct Apollo Account Access, please complete the following:

                                                                          i.      Email

1.       Email Address

2.       Phone Number

3.       First Name

4.       Last name

5.       Mako Account Numbers

6.       Email Subject – “Requesting Apollo Result Access”




     SUBJ: Requesting Apollo Result Access

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I use my existing test kits to test with Mako, or do the kits need to be provided by Mako?

A: If you have not yet received test kits from Mako, you can use your existing kits provided by the State. Please make sure that those tests have two identifiers on the test tube (name and date of birth) and a printed requisition from the Mako Exchange with a barcode and order. It is ideal for Mako test kits to be used, and if you have not received test kits from Mako, please email and include your facility name, address and account number.


Q: How do I set up a pickup or change my pickup days?

A: We allow each facility to have two pickup days per week. These two days need to be regular and can only be changed by filling out the Test Pickup Form. If your facility enters into outbreak protocol and needs to add a third day of testing to the schedule, that can be done by emailing Three-day testing is only offered to facilities in outbreak testing protocols. 


Q: Can I write the booking ID on the test tube?

A: No. The booking ID is the unique number that contains the patient information, but does not mean a test has been ordered. For any test, a patient order must be created by using the “Patient Search” tool and creating an order, OR by putting the patient’s booking ID into the “Appointment Lookup” page, clicking “Search” and then creating an order on the next page.  After every order is created, there should be a unique MX order number and that order needs to be printed, folded and included in the sleeve in the back of the bag.


Q: I do not see the “Patient Search” option in my account, how do I get that feature?

A: Your web portal should contain the option as seen below. If you do now see “Patient Search” as an option, please email and we can turn on that option.  A system error resulted in some being turned off, but can be switched quickly.

Mako Portal Screenshot












Q: Can we send a suspected case through a Mako drive-thru site?

A: Yes, our drive-thru sites are welcome to the public.  However, the result for anybody coming through a drive-thru site will go to that patient’s personal account and will not be put in your facility account.  Anybody sent to a drive-thru for testing will have to provide you with their result.  Those results can be obtained by that individual going to and registering for an account using the same information on their booking ID.


Q: Do I have to register for an Apollo account to get results or can I just receive a daily spreadsheet?

A: All accounts MUST register for an Apollo user account. Facilities will only be able to lookup old results and print individual test reports if they have an Apollo account. The daily spreadsheet is a great tool to see the newest reports in an easy format, but is intended for that use only. To register for an Apollo account, please follow the instructions at


Q: I am having trouble navigating the Mako Exchange and Apollo portals. Is there a guide to using these?

A: We have posted video walk-throughs of each portal to help you navigate each portal. These can be found at


Q: My facility has 5 locations, can we designate one location as our pickup location?

A: Yes, it is tremendously helpful for multi-site facilities to accumulate their samples at one location for pickup. Please make sure that you communicate that designated location to


Q: Can I use FedEx for shipping samples?

A: Mako will be sending FedEx clinical bags and pre-printed return labels to all accounts over the next couple of weeks. Please bear with us as we are getting these supplies out as fast as possible. These bags and return labels can be used on any day, and samples must be either dropped off at FedEx locations or schedule a pickup through their website. Pickups may not be available in certain areas and that information can be found at the FedEx website.


Q: Can I hold on to samples for a day or two before my pickup?

A: Samples should not be held for any longer than 24 hours and need to be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. It is preferable that samples are collected the same day as the pickup. NOTE: please do not freeze any samples, refrigerators are OK.


Q: We are only using 30 test kits per week. Is it ok for me to keep a larger stock of supplies on hand so I don’t have to resupply frequently?

A: Yes, we prefer that each facility keeps at least 1-2 month’s supply of kits on hand. Please make sure that you request any additional supplies 2-3 weeks before they are needed so that we have ample time to ship supplies.