Testing courier service information

Callling a courier

The Colorado State Lab has a network of couriers who transport samples from facilities throughout Colorado and deliver them to the lab. Please place a courier request 24-48 hours in advance using the button below and review the courier map, which shows when a courier is typically expected to be in your area to receive samples.

For courier related emergencies, call (720) 507-5917.

For nonemergency needs, email cdphe_courier@state.co.us and cdphe_labcoordinators@state.co.us

Courier service FAQs

Couriers are available based on the courier map above. Please be sure to check the map pick-ups that are available in your geographic area. Requests outside of the available times may be rescheduled.

Yes,  couriers can be delayed depending on the weather. Please check COTrip for current road conditions.

We recommend requesting a courier 24-48 hours in advance. Same day pick ups may not be available, so please plan accordingly.

Missed pick-ups due to our courier partners arriving outside of clinic hours are rescheduled for the next day.

If you have any questions, email cdphe_labcoordinators@state.co.us