Camp George West/Green Mountain Current Status

September 16, 2016

Beginning in late September, you may see field workers in the Green Mountain Estates and Mesa View Estates communities.
  • They will be conducting investigations related to the former Camp George West Artillery Range on the northern slopes of Green Mountain.
  • If your property is affected, and you’ve given permission, you and your neighbors will be notified in advance.
  • If your property is not directly involved, you will not be notified, but you may see the work going on in your neighborhood.
  • Although finding munitions-related material in these neighborhoods is unlikely, caution and public safety require a thorough investigation.
The visits will occur in two steps
  • Workers will use hand-held metal detectors to identify locations where a second visit will be needed.
    • Step one is a relatively short and simple process involving about seven personnel.
  • The second visit will occur only where a buried metallic item was detected.
    • During the second visit, homes within 239 feet of each buried item must be vacated to ensure residents remain safe during digging.
  • ​If your property requires a second visit, you will be notified in advance so you can make arrangements to vacate.
    • Going to work and school or after-school activities are ideal ways to vacate your home for the day with minimal inconvenience.
    • If you prefer, you may use a nearby “waiting location” at Green Mountain Recreation Center, 13198 W. Green Mountain Drive.
​​The neighborhood visits are expected to begin in the later part of September and be completed before the middle of November.
Details and site visit results will be posted here and in other media sources throughout the investigation period.