Health navigator advisory groups

To help meet our goals, there are several groups that have been assembled to provide advice and recommendations as part of the Health Navigator Workforce Development Initiative. Click on the links below to view the members of these groups.

Expert panel

This panel of experts was convened in November 2015 to provide advice on the priorities of the initiative.Experts provided input on the standardization of the definition of health navigators, the competencies that underlie the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) recognition of training programs and the competency evaluation. Other issues addressed include the implementation of a voluntary credentialing program, how to assess the employer demand for this workforce and the growth of training programs including academic certificates and degree programs via the state’s community college system.
The Key Partner Committee and the Statewide Community Advisory Council guided the development of a qualified health navigator workforce in Colorado, and promoted and advocated the importance of this workforce to improving health equity, quality care, and coordinated care. Although they are not decision-making bodies, they assisted by providing input on such issues as:
  • Criteria to become a CDPHE-recognized training site.
  • Easy access to the competency assessment and the reliability and validity of the competency assessment.
  • Criteria for existing health navigators and unlicensed individuals from other states who have been practicing as a member of a healthcare team to meet criteria for being on the Colorado Health Navigator Registry.
  • Future demand for a diverse public health workforce in Colorado and potential career pathways from health navigators to a baccalaureate degree in public health and other health fields.
  • Access to various types of training programs (apprenticeships, for-credit, non-credit, in-house, career pathways, stackable credentials, high school, etc.).
  • Training needed to integrate health navigators into healthcare teams in a variety of practice settings and recommend who should be responsible for providing the training and potential training funding sources.
  • Development of the Initiative's communication plan and rollout.

Key Partner Committee

Building upon the work of the Expert Panel, the Key Partner Committee held its first meeting in August 2016. This committee was comprised of representatives from state agencies and community organizations who continued to provide expert opinions and technical advice from their particular vantage point.

Colorado Statewide Community Advisory Council

The Health Navigator Statewide Community Advisory Council was comprised of persons who have firsthand knowledge and experience with health navigators and health navigation. The council includes experienced navigators and supervisors from a variety of healthcare and community settings as well as consumers of health navigator services.
The overall aim of the council is to help ensure that processes for credentialing and workforce development allow for the recruitment of persons into this field of work who have the proven attributes/qualities of this workforce such as a shared life-experiences with the populations they serve and/or a unique connection to the community as well as the competencies needed for successful employment and the provision of whole-person patient-centered care coordination.

Training Program Application Review Committee

The Training Program Application Review Committee is comprised of individuals who were actively involved in the Key Partner Committee or the Advisory Committee or the career pathways work with the Colorado Community College System between Fall 2015- Fall 2017.
The committee includes a consumer, a health navigator, a supervisor or employer of navigators, a representative from the Department of Regulatory Agencies who are involved in the state’s approval of health professions training programs, a representative of Colorado Health Workforce Development Agency and a representative from higher education and an AHEC. Similar to grant review committees at CDPHE, members were selected by staff. Members were chosen based on ensuring representation from consumers, employers, education, the profession and individuals with experience in assessing health profession training programs and workforce issues in Colorado.