Facility Education and Outreach

On April 20, CDPHE amended Public Health Order 20-20 to require that long-term care facilities submit COVID-19 prevention and response plans by May 1, 2020 to contain the spread of any disease outbreak that may occur within the facility. For more information about the facility isolation plans, visit here: Prevention & response plans for long-term & residential care facilities.


HCPF authorized an 8% enhanced payment for Medicaid residential providers to support infection control measures and stabilize staffing effective April 1, 2020, through June 30, 2020. 


Beginning April 27, CDPHE increased infection control surveys by 50% which greatly increased direct technical assistance to residential care facilities on infection control compliance. This has allowed Colorado to flatten the curve in these facilities.

  • As of the week ending on 7/5/20, all Nursing Facilities (230 of 230) received either a Licensed only Infection Control Focused survey, a Federal Infection Control Focused survey, or both.

  • As of the week ending on 7/18/20, 104 Assisted Living Residences (of 689) had not received an Infection Control Focused survey.

  • As of the week ending on 6/7/20, all Intermediate Care Facilities (21 of 21) facilities received both a federal and licensed Infection Control Focused survey.

  • As of the week ending on 6/14/20, all Group Homes (114 of 114) that could receive an Infection Control Focused survey, one was completed. There are three remaining facilities that were unable to receive a survey at this time because they did not have any active residents living in the home when the survey was attempted.

HCPF is working to help alleviate the shortage of qualified workers in the healthcare industry by participating in the development of a website to connect healthcare employers with job seekers looking for opportunities in the healthcare industry. The site is located here: ConnectToCareJobs.com


The state Unified Command Center distributed critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to care facilities in April and May to help ensure the safety of staff and residents. Beginning in late May, FEMA began sending regular shipments of PPE directly to nursing facilities. 


The Strike Team has launched ongoing online information-sharing, tracking, monitoring, training and education tools for care facilities and their staff. This information has been provided to facilities through weekly webinars as well as direct technical assistance for facilities.