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Health Equity and Environmental Justice Principles
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is committed to health equity and environmental justice. We use these principles to ensure our decision-making and practices reflect that commitment.
Including the voices of communities most impacted by inequities is a critical component of promoting equity and justice. This policy supports our Health Equity and Environmental Justice Principles by identifying opportunities to integrate community participation into our daily work across the department.

Department Policy on Communicating with People with Limited English Proficiency
This policy ensures people with limited English proficiency have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate fully in the department's services, activities, programs or other benefits.
In order to achieve the vision of equity, all State agencies must play a role in incorporating an equity mindset in their work. State agencies are directed to take a coordinated approach, led by the Department of Personnel and Administration, to operationalize equity in systems, policies, and practices.

Department Tools and Handouts

Through this proclamation, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment formally recognizes that discriminatory systems and policies have lead to poorer health outcomes for communities of color. The Department is committed to taking meaningful action to reduce these inequities and work towards racial justice.
Equity is part of a continuum that includes diversity, inclusion and equality. In today's workplace it can be difficult to not only figure out the differences between these terms, but how to apply them and measure success. This handout breaks down each part of the continuum and provides brief definitions as well as measures of success.
Third-Person Pronouns: Why, What, and How?
This resource from the department's Gender & Sexuality Alliance Employee Resource Group (GSA ERG) covers what third-person pronouns are, why pronouns are important, and how to use and respect pronouns.

Incorporating equity principles into grant solicitations - for grant managers