Environmental approaches

Domain 2: environmental approaches - Providing opportunities, support, and cues to help people develop healthier behaviors through policy and changes to physical and social environments.
Current activities
Baby-Friendly Hospital Collaborative
The collaborative supports and facilitates collaboration among hospitals on the path to “Baby-Friendly” status to ensure support of exclusive breastfeeding to reduce childhood obesity.
Built environment
These strategies aim to increase access to safe and appealing places for physical activity in communities.
Early childhood obesity prevention
Efforts of this program address obesity and overweight for infants and children up to age 5, pregnant women and women of reproductive age.
Healthy food environments
These initiatives promote the availability of healthier food and beverage options in places where food is available, including retail stores, hospitals and state agencies.
Healthy schools
These strategies encourage healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices in school settings.

Colorado Healthy Hospital Compact
The compact is a consortium of hospitals that share a mission to protect and promote the health of hospital patients, visitors and staff by implementing measures designed to improve access to healthy food and beverages.
Worksite wellness
These strategies facilitate the creation and support of healthy environments and behaviors among employees. Strategies include development of an assessment of worksite wellness programs, implementation of healthy food/beverage standards, physical activity strategies, providing locations for breastfeeding mothers, and providing wellness programming to prevent chronic diseases, etc.