Getting Started and General Information

COVID virus

Thank you for your interest in testing with the Colorado State Public Health Lab! To get started, please follow the decision tree below to determine what the next best steps are for you and your facility.

Lab testing flow chart

New client at the lab

New clients have not tested with the State Lab previously. These clients will need to sign up to obtain a unique customer ID and a LabOnline account to order tests and view results.


Forms to be Completed by New Clients

FORM: Become a customer of the lab

A unique customer ID is created for each client that tests with the State Lab. This Customer ID is used between the State Lab system, LabOnline, and the CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS) to ensure that patient data and results fall under the correct client.

FORM: Sign up for LabOnline 

FORM: Sign up for CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS)

LINK: Request access for CDPHE Testing Ordering System (CTOS)

Established client at the lab

Established clients have previously tested with the State Lab and already have a unique customer ID. 

If new staff members need access to LabOnline, please have them complete the following forms:


Forms for new staff

FORM: LabOnline Registration

LINK: Request access for CDPHE testing ordering system (CTOS) 

Look up your facility's Lab Customer ID HERE


LabOnline is an online portal where you can order COVID-19 tests and view results. 

There are two access levels of LabOnline:

  • Order-Only: These individuals are able to order tests, but are unable to view any results or print final reports.

  • Administrator: These individuals are able to order tests, view results, and print final reports.

We recommend using LabOnline to order COVID-19 tests when you are testing 20 or fewer patients. 

  • Note: You will use LabOnline to view your results regardless of which data submission method that you choose.

CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS)

The CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS) is an online patient data submission portal. 

If you plan to test 20 or more patients regularly, we recommend using CTOS.

CTOS stores patient information for future testing events and allows you to quickly and easily submit large amounts of patient data at once. It's as easy as selecting who was tested on a specific date from your master list, clicking a checkbox and then clicking 'Submit'.

Field and Support Teams (FAST) assistance

If your facility requires on-site assistance in the testing process, you can request that service from the Field and Support Teams (FAST), formerly known as the Rapid Response Team, by clicking on the interest form button below. Once you have submitted that request, someone from FAST will reach out to you shortly afterwards to discuss availability and any additional details further.

If you have any questions, email