Data submission guidelines

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Submitting patient data to the State Lab

When your samples arrive at the lab, the information on the specimen tube label is reconciled with the patient data that is submitted electronically through either LabOnline or the CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS)

Patient information included on the specimen tube label must match patient data that is submitted to the Colorado State Public Health Lab or it will not be processed. Incorrect sample information will delay the return of results, so it is vital that patient data is submitted in a correct and timely fashion.

Please find more information on LabOnline and CTOS below:



LabOnline is an online portal where you can order COVID-19 tests (typically on a smaller scale) and view results. 

There are two access levels of LabOnline:

  • Order-Only: These individuals are able to order tests, but are unable to view any results or print final reports.
  • Administrator: These individuals are able to order tests, view results and print final reports.

Recommended uses:
  • Submitting 20 or fewer samples
  • Viewing test results
Getting started:


CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS)

The CDPHE Test Ordering System (CTOS) is an online patient data submission portal typically used for sites that submit a larger volume of samples. 

Recommended uses:
  • Submitting 20 or more samples
Getting started:

Integrate your system with the State Lab

You can establish an electronic data exchange with the State Lab at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment using the HL7 hosted interface specifications. 

Manual requisition forms

If neither of the above electronic submission methods work for you, you may also submit patient data through the use of manual paper requisition forms. Please request a custom CDPHE Lab manual requisition form by emailing

  • You must complete the required fields, which are noted with an asterisk.
  • Once complete, fold the paper form and place it in the outer pocket of the biohazard bag with the correct patient sample.

Patient data submission FAQs

Please be sure to include the sample ID, first name, last name, date of birth, and collection date.

Either option works for us at CDPHE. When using hand written labels, please ensure labels are legible and avoid the use of pens which have a tendency to run or smear.

Not at all! Choose the method which works best for you and your facility. Please reach out to if you have any questions on either submission method.

For data submission methods that require individual paperwork to be included for each sample (LabOnline or manual requisition forms), please place the appropriate form in the outer pouch of the biohazard bag containing the corresponding sample.  

If you have any questions, email