Colorado Health Navigator Registry

Welcome to the Colorado Health Navigator Registry
Colorado established the first competency-based statewide registry in the nation for health navigators, an emerging workforce that has been proven to increase patient access to health care, improve health outcomes and equity, and reduce health care costs.
Note: We do not license or certify health navigators.
On the link above, you’ll find:
  • Navigators who have completed the requirements for this registry.

    • ​A list of health navigators who have been trained and evaluated to have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors enabling them to perform successfully in relation to the entry-level competencies.

  • CDPHE-recognized training programs.

    • ​A list of training programs for unlicensed health navigators recognized by the department. This helps us align the education around the core, entry-level competencies for health navigators in Colorado.

  • Competency evaluation sites.

    • ​A list of competency evaluation sites.

These three lists are voluntary, and we provide them as part of our public service.

Nothing on this site prohibits other health navigator training programs from operating or individuals from using the titles “health navigator” or “patient navigator.”


Although we make every attempt to keep the information in this listing up to date, we cannot ensure the accuracy of it. This information is provided with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be correct or complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. CDPHE does not recommend or endorse listed individuals or training programs, nor is CDPHE responsible or liable for services performed by these individuals or programs.