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Get involved in cancer prevention and control efforts in Colorado. The Colorado Cancer Plan aims to reduce the cancer burden in Colorado through specific goals, objectives and strategies.
Colorado Cancer Plan 2016-2020 (released Feb. 2016)


Cancer Plan focus areas

Help determine the Colorado Cancer Coalition's top priorities for implementing the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan.


What else you can do:

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Why get involved?

Each year, 23,000 Coloradans are diagnosed with cancer, and nearly 7,500 die from the disease. Whether personally diagnosed or not, it affects all of us- friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are impacted by cancer's toll.

What is the Colorado Cancer Plan?

Like all states in the U.S., Colorado has a cancer plan developed by cancer partners and supported by the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Colorado plan includes 5-year goals and objectives to reduce the burden of cancer locally, regionally and statewide. The plan relies on collaboration from organizations and individuals across the state to pool resources to accomplish projects. The 2016-2020 plan is organized along the cancer continuum of care: prevention, screening, treatment, and survivorship.

How is the Colorado Cancer Plan updated?

We are leading the development and implementation of the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan. Since January of 2015, a diverse group of individuals and organizations interested in cancer prevention and control was engaged in the development of the goals, objectives and strategies of the next iteration of the plan. A cancer plan steering committee, comprised of partners external and internal to CDPHE and representing the cancer continuum of care, was formed in December of 2014, and has provided guidance and input for the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan.

About CDPHE’s role
  • Our vision for the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan:

    • We strive to develop an evidence-based plan that is relevant to today’s work in cancer prevention, screening, treatment and survivorship throughout the state and that is grounded in the needs of our communities.

  • Our role in the process:

    • CDPHE is a leader in the writing and implementation of the cancer plan, but ultimately every person who is connected to the cancer community has a stake in the plan. We want to engage people from all aspects of the cancer community in order to work together to reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado.

Our commitment to you
  • Communication -We will communicate regularly on the progress of the cancer plan writing process through this website and also through email. For in-person meetings, conference call and video conference options will be available as often as possible to ensure access for those unable to attend due to schedule or location.

  • Transparency -We will communicate openly and honestly with stakeholders about processes during the development and implementation of the plan. We will listen to feedback and will work hard to ensure that both positive and constructive feedback is addressed.

  • Timeliness -We will respect your time, and will work hard to ensure that meetings and activities are scheduled well in advance and have a clear purpose.

2015 Timeline
  • Mid-July Finalize draft of the cancer plan.

  • August- September Publish draft plan online for public comment.

  • Early August Stakeholder workshop #1 facilitated by Strategic Health Concepts.

  • November Stakeholder workshop #2 facilitated by Strategic Health Concepts.

  • October-November Incorporate comments and finalize the plan.

  • Early January 2016 Publish the final draft of the plan.

Colorado Cancer Plan 2010-2015