Colorado Survivorship Care Planning Program

In its landmark report From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition, the Institute of Medicine recommended that all cancer patients completing primary treatment be provided with a comprehensive written treatment summary and follow-up care plan.

  • Many organizations have developed versions of these documents to help providers accomplish this goal.

  • The 2012 Commission on Cancer Program Standards now requires that all accredited hospitals deliver treatment summaries and care plans to cancer patients treated in their facilities by 2015.

  • Watch a video from the institute about the importance of these documents.

The Colorado Central Cancer Registry, with funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has developed a Web-based application that allows oncology providers to view and complete survivorship care plans that have already been populated with much of the necessary information, including medical background, site, stage, and treatment information. The final product is a patient-friendly document complete with both clinical information about the patient's diagnosis and treatment as well as useful resources about healthy living for the future.

  • With special funding and support from the CDC, the WebPlus Survivorship Module was piloted throughout Colorado with extremely positive results.

  • While the larger WebPlus software suite is publicly and freely available and supported by the CDC to implement the National Program of Cancer Registries, this ancillary tool is only in beta testing and requires custom IT support to integrate into existing systems.

  • CDC is working to obtain additional IT capabilities and resources to further develop the module (to other cancer sites) and make it available to providers interested in using this product.

  • Please contact Randi Rycroft with questions or to get a personalized demonstration of the software for your cancer team.