Colorado Cancer Plan 2016-2020

Draft goals at-a-glance - as of June 24, 2015
1. Reduced initiation and use of tobacco products.
2. Increased prevalence of healthy behaviors.
3. Increased uptake of clinical interventions to prevent cancer.
4. Decreased environmental exposures that lead to cancer.

Screening andEarly Detection
5. (Moved to an objective under below goal) Increased high-quality cancer screening rates.
6. (UPDATED) Decrease rates of late-stage diagnosis.

Diagnosis and Treatment
7. (UPDATED) Consistent access to, and application of, quality diagnostic and treatment services adherent with nationally recognized standards.
8. (DELETED. Combined with objective #7)
9. Increased patient education and access to participation in high-quality clinical trials.

Post-Treatment Survivorship and End of Life Care
10. Increased dissemination and use of cancer survivorship care plans.
11. (UPDATED) Improved physical, mental and social well-being among cancer survivors.
12. Expanded evidence base surrounding quality of life and survivorship.
13. Improved compliance with post-treatment follow-up guidelines.
14. (UPDATED) Expanded availability of and access to palliative and end of life care services.