CACFP: Cooking up Healthy Options with Plants (CHOP)

Welcome to Colorado Cooking up Healthy Options with Plants (CHOP)! CHOP is a three-year program for child care providers, funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Team Nutrition Training grant. CHOP’s goal is to get kids in care eating more seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and/or on-site garden produce.

Check out this promotional video for our collaboration with Livewell Colorado: Farm to Preschool is Possible.
We were on Colorado Public Radio - listen here: To Keep Kids from Dodging Veggies Colorado Wants to Hook 'em Young.

There are many ways to get started:

  • Grow it, Try it, Like it! garden-based nutrition education curriculum.
  • Taste tests.
  • Buying local in-season fruits and vegetables.
  • Staff culinary training and coaching.
  • Family and community activities.
  • On-site gardening activities.​​​

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