CACFP, Cooking Matters, and Nourish Colorado Collaborative Training

A New Collaborative Training

CACFP partnered with Cooking Matters and Nourish Colorado for three exciting online training opportunities for child care professionals across the state of Colorado. Trainings are two hours long and will be held in February and March of 2021. Participants will attend live, online training on CACFP whole grain-rich and sugar limit requirements and then be asked to choose a learning pathway. A recording of the alternative pathway will be available. 

Part One

How to properly identify and meet CACFP recommendations: whole grain-rich and sugar limits in yogurt and cereal. 

During this session, a CACFP Nutrition Consultant will teach participants the benefits of the CACFP meal pattern and offer creative tools to meet the nutritional guidelines. Participants will learn how to properly identify a Whole Grain Rich product and why they are important to serve to children in care as well as learn how to calculate sugar limits for both cereal and yogurt.

Part Two Choose a Learning Pathway

No More Mealtime Meltdowns: Working with Picky Eaters. 

During this session, nutrition experts from Cooking Matters will discuss several ways we can help even the pickiest of kids learn to try new foods through positive mealtime environments. Participants will learn ways to help kids develop good eating habits through positive mealtime environments, discuss how to help kids enjoy a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, and discuss age-appropriate ways children can be involved in the food prep process.

Sharpen your Knife Skills: Cutting Fresh Vegetables with Confidence

Professional chefs from Nourish Colorado teach you how to safely and effectively use a knife to cut fresh produce. We will also demonstrate using the vegetables we cut to make a delicious Southwestern Bean and Corn Salsa together. Participants will be able to describe two knife cuts used in food production using a chefs’ knife, to demonstrate the proper stance, grip, guiding hand, and movement when using a chefs’ knife, to define Mise en Place and list two benefits it provides and to recall at least two food safety practices designed to prevent foodborne illness.

Participants will be sent a box of training tools, incentives, and a grocery gift card ten days prior to the scheduled training. 

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Classes are available: 
  • June 12, 2021 - 9:00-11:00 a.m. - LAST CHANCE to attend. 
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