Cancer Plan Engagement Survey

Summary report: 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan Survey| full report text

Published by the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP)


Cancer Plan Engagement Survey results released in June 2015:

  • Who responded?

    • 191 people responded, representing nearly every county in the state, nonprofits, hospitals, universities advocates and survivors.

  • Key Findings:

    • 62% believe CDPHE should facilitate the implementation of the Colorado Cancer Plan.

    • Respondents reported the need to communicate the cancer plan’s relevance to the work they do, buy-in depends on how well the plan meets individual’s professional needs.

    • Communication and outreach are important to help people understand what is in the plan, what progress is being made.

    • 54% indicated that workgroups should be organized along the cancer continuum of care (prevention, screening, etc.), however many felt strongly that the site-specific focus (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.) should not be lost.