Air quality - oil and gas and your health

The following links serve as a resource to the public to locate information related to unconventional oil and gas activities. The information on these links do not represent the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environments opinion. The site will be regularly updated.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Emissions from the Oil andNatural Gas Industry
Basic information on air emissions related to oil and gas activities
Greenhouse gases and oil andgas industry - federal information
EPA strategies for addressing greenhouse gases such as methane and smog forming VOCs from the oil and gas industry

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Air quality in Colorado
Collection and analysis of air quality data throughout the state
Technical documents and reports

Annual air quality data reports and others by the Air Pollution Control Division

Oil and gas air pollutant emission and dispersion study

A comprehensive air emission study conducted by CSU in the Front Range

Air emission study in Erie, CO

Report of air emissions from late July to late August 2012 from sampling adjacent to natural gas well competition activities in Erie, Colorado.

Sustainability Research Network


A multi-institution sustainability research network and outreach program in Colorado funded by the National Science Foundation

Colorado State University

CSU Energy Institute

Provides background information on energy related research and collaborations at CSU with many relevant projects to oil and gas operations in Colorado

Garfield County

Air Quality

Technical information including reports and risk assessments

Oil and Gas Air Pollutant Emission and Dispersion Study

A comprehensive air emission study conducted by CSU in Garfield County

Other Air Quality Resources:


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