About environmental epidemiology, occupational health and toxicology

We provide statewide assistance and consultation in environmental epidemiology, toxicology and health risk assessment to our department, other state agencies, local health agencies and the public. Staff members review, interpret and present information about physical, chemical, and toxicological properties and epidemiological characteristics of environmental contaminants that pose a potential or existing hazard to human health and the environment.
  • Assist Colorado’s air pollution, hazardous waste and water quality regulatory programs with regulation and standard-setting to ensure scientifically informed analysis and public health policy development.
  • Respond to requests for community health status related to concerns about environmental exposures and disease clusters.
  • Conduct chemical-specific toxicity reviews, especially in situations where no federal or state standards exist.
  • Conduct site-specific health risk assessments using U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) and Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR) risk assessment tools.
  • Provide expertise and oversight of environmental health research, community biomonitoring, health surveillance and tracking of environmental public health indicators
  • Conduct health professional and community health education programs.
  • Prepare fact sheets to inform the public about significant and emerging environmental health issues.
  • Maintain the department's “TOXCALL” information system and staff a public call-in line daily to respond to questions about environmental exposures.